For the project our client was The Wildlife Trust of India Pathway.
And here I present the whistling hunters, the pack hunters, the gobblers, the stunned, the mysterious, inhabitants of Bandipur
I came to a question the idea of wild and wilderness? What does the term mean? What is a pet and what is a wild animal? What does it mean to be wild and not domestic? I also wanted to look at other animals not only the tiger, like the Dholes, the wild dogs who roam in the forests of Bandipur.
The dholes, the whistling hunters interested me the most in the Indian forest, can you imagine the same dogs who we live side by side live in the wild forests far away from us. The more I searched, the more I went deeper and the more I was impressed by these animals. 
Drawing the Dholes was not so much fun as drawing the cats of the jungles. First they were so many in numbers and comparing them to cats there were no graceful movements. But the more I read about them, the more I wanted to show the readers this was no ordinary dog, there is so much more to know.
Can you imagine everytime a kid looks at his pet dog, he might think this guys wild brother lives out there in the forest all on his own.
The dhole usually might look like any normal mangy dogs on the Indian streets but it is actually prowling in the Indian forest, who can even take down a deer twice its size, scare the tiger as well as the rest of the jungle.
The Dhole is the overlooked predator by humans but not by the animals of Bandipur. And there is never one alone, they prowl together. They are one action driven team.

There is a need to fascinate children about the wilderness. The project's outcome leaves a hopefulness in my heart, that atleast one more source is out there on the Dholes. I hope after a certain time people, may come to know about the wild dog.
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